Marriage Records - Civil Registration

Type Year Month Name District Vol. Page  
Marriage 1841 William WILLS Plymouth  479   
Marriage 1841 Sarah Dicker Saull  Plymouth  479   
Marriage 1844 Thomas MADGE Plymouth  426   
Marriage 1844 Margaret Flexman Orr  Plymouth  426   
Marriage 1844 William ELLIS Plymouth  414   
Marriage 1844 Caroline Arthur Bellamy  Plymouth  414   
Marriage 1844 Joseph BELLAMY Stoke Damerel  470   
Marriage 1844 Mary Ann Hamley  Stoke Damerel  470   
Marriage 1845 John Wheeler WEBBER Plymouth  431   
Marriage 1845 Emma Matilda Friend  Plymouth  431   
Marriage 1848 Henry William MORFETT Kensington  363   
Marriage 1848 Sarah Buckland  Kensington  363   
Marriage 1857 Frederick William CARTER Wirrall  8a  567   
Marriage 1857 Mary Philadelphia Odell  Wirrall  8a  567   
Marriage 1857 Alfred Augustus CARTER Hackney  1b  431   
Marriage 1857 Sarah Eleanor Hawley  Hackney  1b  431   
Marriage 1865 William Thomas MADGE Plymouth  5b  429   
Marriage 1865 Mary Webber  Plymouth  5b  429   
Marriage 1868 Joseph Arthur BELLAMY Plymouth  5b  387   
Marriage 1868 Susan Mill Wills  Plymouth  5b  387   
Marriage 1871 John Wheeler WEBBER Plymouth  5b  540   
Marriage 1871 Not known  Plymouth  5b  540   
Marriage 1876 Henry William MORFETT Wandsworth  1d  619   
Marriage 1877 Charles Orr MADGE Fulham  1a  463   
Marriage 1877 Caroline  Fulham  1a  463   
Marriage 1884 Alfred William CARTER Lewisham  1d  1528   
Marriage 1884 Eleanor Mary Hitchman  Lewisham  1d  1528   
Marriage 1886 Frederick Houston CARTER Croydon  2a  326   
Marriage 1886 Gertrude Watts  Croydon  2a  326   
Marriage 1890 William MARSTON Fulham  1a  501   
Marriage 1890 Annie Charlotte Morfett  Fulham  1a  501   
Marriage 1891 Percy Frank MADGE West Derby  8b  724   
Marriage 1891 Fanny Julia Lightburn  West Derby  8b  724   
Marriage 1892 William Thomas MADGE Christchurch  2b  918   
Marriage 1892 Judith Ketchell  Christchurch  2b  918   
Marriage 1894 Arthur Davis MARTIN Croydon  2a  486   
Marriage 1894 Nellie Gertrude Carter  Croydon  2a  486   
Marriage 1896 Herbert Edward FORMAN Kensington  1a  203   
Marriage 1896 Maud Ellen Madge  Kensington  1a  203   
Marriage 1898 Arthur BELLAMY Kensington  1a  198   
Marriage 1898 Edith Emma Madge  Kensington  1a  198   
Marriage 1898 Henry George MORFETT Wandsworth  1d  837   
Marriage 1898 Elizabeth S. Prince  Wandsworth  1d  837   
Marriage 1901 William POTTS Plymouth  5b  458   
Marriage 1901 Ellen Bellamy  Plymouth  5b  458   
Marriage 1904 Arthur Leslie BODY Plymouth  5b  517   
Marriage 1904 Jessie Bellamy  Plymouth  5b  517   
Marriage 1910 Patrick DONEGAN Fulham  1a  790   
Marriage 1910 Lucy Chapman  Fulham  1a  790   
Marriage 1927 Wilfred L. CARTER Kensington  1a  253   
Marriage 1927 Doreen Avis Bellamy  Kensington  1a  253   
Marriage 1931 Sydney J MARSTON Hammersmith  1a  564   
Marriage 1931 Lucy Donegan  Hammersmith  1a  564   

Since 1837 Births, Marriages and Deaths (BMD) in England and Wales have been kept on a Civil Registration. Each event is indexed with a surname, year, quarter, volume, page number, firstname, middlenames and/or initials.

Select an option below to see extracts of births, marriages and deaths relating to my Carter Family History. Please note that these birth, death and marriage records have been transcribed and may contain errors. If you find any information missing or incorrect, please contact me using my feedback form.


There are now many online resources offering the Complete Civil Registration indexes of births, marriages and deaths for England and Wales from 1837 to 2001. However you can search a partial database of Births, Marriages and Deaths for free using FreeBMD.

Alternatively, you can try the 'pay-per-view' website or the 'subscription-based' websites such as

The birth, marriage, and death indexes can be used to order birth, marriage and death certificates from the General Records Office (GRO) at

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